Commissions fees removed from Spotware’s cTrader Copy investment platform

Commissions fees removed from Spotware's cTrader Copy investment platform

Trading solutions provider Spotware has announced that it has removed the 30% charge on commissions earned by the Strategy Providers in its cTrader Copy investment platform.

James Glyde Spotware Systems

James Glyde, Spotware Systems

James Glyde, the Chief Commercial Officer of Spotware commented on this change:

cTrader Copy is a truly innovative copy trading platform that is easily accessible to anyone who would like to provide a strategy or copy a strategy. It already has many Strategy Providers among which are professional traders, PAMM managers, and IBs. To allow them to earn even more from trading, we decided to remove our interest completely. This will attract even more Strategy Providers to cTrader Copy, thus increasing Investors’ options for copying, and allow them to offer lower fees for their services.

In cTrader Copy, Strategy Providers can charge Investors 3 types of fees or any combination of those for providing their strategy for copying:

  • Performance fee (same as in PAMM) – a percentage of investor’s profit calculated using High Water Mark,
  • Management fee, representing an annual percentage of Investors’ Equity calculated daily and charged at the end of each month, and
  • Volume fee, based on the volume that the investors have traded while copying the strategy and charged for opening and closing of each position.

Previously, there was a 30% deduction from these fees, which is now removed.

Last month Spotware also informed that through cTrader brokers can now gain the existing cTrader market share of millions of traders and other industry participants worldwide, including manual and algorithmic traders, investors and strategy providers engaged in copy trading, PAMM managers and Introducing Brokers.

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