cTrader releases a new Manager’s API for Brokers

Spotware Systems, the developer of the cTrader platform, today revealed it has introduced a new Manager’s API for Brokers.

Manager’s API is a tool for server-server integration which allows brokers to receive historical values about all entities. It also enables them to send managing requests to manipulate with all entities of the server (create/update/delete) Accounts, Groups, Profiles, Charts; make deposits/withdrawals, and even trade on behalf of traders.

Christina Theodorou, the COO at Spotware, commented:

The new Manager’s API is a huge step for broker control expansion, and, of course, in line with cTrader’s business scope – Deliver complete and meaningful solutions that solve real problems. Almost every function available in cBroker is available within Manager’s API. It gives cTrader brokers the opportunity to implement any logics on their side, and manipulate server entities in the manner they see most appropriate and beneficial.

Additionally, with this tool, brokers can more easily build applications (even trading terminal), compared to the usage of the Open API.

The new Manager’s API can now take the place of Webservices API and allow broker to implement more logics inside their CRM. Manipulation with manager’s API is based on the manager’s permissions which are same used as for manipulation with cBroker.

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