Equiti sponsors global economist Nouriel Roubini to talk about the outlook for the global economy

Multi-asset financial products provider, Equiti Group will bring economist, Professor Nouriel Roubini, to address investors and fund managers on the 8th September at a webinar hosted by AIM Summit, alternative investment management platform for discussions on investment developments, global market conditions and the latest trends.

At the AIM Summit, Roubini will share his insights on the short and medium-term outlook for the global economy. He will talk about what lies ahead for investors and whether we can expect an anaemic U-shaped, a quick V-shaped or a W-shaped double-dip recession. Roubini will also touch upon what are the upside and downside risks for the global economy.

Roubini warned of the impending credit and housing market bubble and subsequent global recession in 2006 in his address at the International Monetary Fund. His predictions were confirmed in 2008 when the bubble bursting and reverberating into a global financial crisis lasting well into the next decade.

Equiti sponsors global economist Nouriel Roubini in addressing the outlook for the global economy

In the current challenging times resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, investors are looking to hear from global experts on how long the crisis will last. They want to know how long will the demand for safe-haven assets such as gold continue, among many other questions.

Iskandar Najjar, CEO of Equiti Group, said:

Iskandar Najjar Equiti Group

Iskandar Najjar
Source: LinkedIn

Equiti is honoured to bring a world-class and highly-regarded global economist and international advisor of Nouriel Roubini’s stature to share his views on the pace of the global economic recovery.

His insights will help investors with their investment decisions to minimise risks and maximise returns in this climate of market volatility and economic instability.

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