CFH creates Zero hold time liquidity pool

Global holding company CFH announced a dedicated Zero hold time liquidity pool aimed at clients who prioritize speed of execution and those who want multiple liquidity pools for different trading strategies or requirements through a single account where everything is fully cross margined and netted down automatically providing a capital and cost efficient solution.

Counterparties in the prime of prime space usually focus on speed of execution or good pricing with a hold and traders who want to take advantage of both have split their funds and sign up in two places. The FCA regulated Playtech subsidiary allows trading on both through the same account.

CFH creates Zero hold time liquidity pool

Andy Biggs, Head of Liquidity, CFH commented:

Andy Biggs, CFH Clearing

Andy Biggs
Source: LinkedIn

Historically there has been a trade-off between speed of execution and pricing. Traders should have the option to choose which is right for them based on their trading style and requirements.

The CFH Liquidity Team created a Zero hold time pool minimizing the gap in pricing to standard feeds and has sustainable pricing that performs well in volatility periods.

XTX Markets, CFH’s Liquidity Partner, already operates this model and both companies expect that the market will move to a Zero hold time model in the future. The justification for imposing a holding window weakens, due to the speed at which primary market data is updating.

Matt Clarke, Head of Distribution and Liquidity Management EMEA, XTX Markets said:

Extending Zero hold time liquidity is a fantastic initiative. This product shows there is no reason for hedge funds and established brokers to accept excessive last look windows or quotes they cannot hit, in today’s market.

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