Tools For Brokers integrates two regulatory reports into BBI

Tools For Brokers integrates two regulatory reports into BBI

Brokerage technology solutions provider Tools For Brokers has just announced that it has integrated capital adequacy and end of day reports into its flagship product, Brokers Business Intelligence (BBI).

Released at the start of this year, BBI is a web-based platform for cross-functional risk management and a business analytic service integrated with both MT4 and MT5. It was specifically developed for brokers to contain tools for analysing trades and making decisions.

The new reports will be included in the basic version of the product available to all users.

Brokers who already use BBI can access these functions immediately as part of their current package.

Capital adequacy report focuses on current risks as required of market makers regulated by European authorities. They help to ensure that a broker holds enough capital to continue safe and efficient business and that it can withstand any foreseeable problems.

End of day report is among the most time-consuming tasks at many brokers, with staff busying themselves preparing them every working day. BBI can now automate these processes and save much-needed resources in dealing departments for potentially more productive tasks.

Albina Zhdanova COO at Tools for Brokers Inc

Albina Zhdanova, Tools for Brokers

Brokers Business Intelligence is one of the flagship products of Tools For Brokers. We constantly think about how we can make brokers’ workflows easier and more efficient, how to automate long and difficult tasks. Integrating capital adequacy and end of day reports into BBI is a great leap forward in achieving these goals.’ said Albina Zhdanova, COO of Tools for Brokers.

Reports are produced on the ‘standard reporting’ page with built-in filters: date, time, day of the week, server, group, country. Completed forms can be converted to Excel seamlessly, improving convenience for subsequent use. With BBI you can now configure reports to be sent automatically by email not only to the user but also to additional addressees as you wish.

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