Oval finalises integration with ETX Capital

Oval has revealed the completion of its integration with international fintech company ETX Capital.

Following Oval’s acquisition by Guru Capital, which bought ETX Capital last year, during the past few months Oval and ETX have combined into “one solid business”. The new team of over 180 employees spans across three offices in Italy, the United Kingdom and Cyprus.

The companies expect the move to act as an injection of diverse industry experience and help Oval to enhance its offering to its clients and grow as a company.

In its official announcement, Oval said that the two companies’ brands will become one. The UK-based fintech firm will focus on technological innovation.

Oval is currently working to strengthen its team in order to reach its goals, looking for new skilled recruitments to advance the company’s development.

Claudio Bedino, CMO of Oval, commented:

Claudio Bedino

Claudio Bedino
Source: LinkedIn

New features will be announced over the next few months, but Oval’s vision and the values it has carried over the years will not change. The company’s business, the product, will always be aimed at helping you build good financial habits through savings and investments using modern technologies. All of this will be accompanied by a renewed trading offering that is consistent with the smart qualities associated with our brand.

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