HKEX applies for RMB counter launch for trading HKEX shares

On Wednesday, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) confirmed that it has applied to introduce a Renminbi (RMB) counter for trading its shares under the new Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)-RMB Dual Counter Model.

With the introduction of RMB counter trading as part of the HKD-RMB Dual Counter Model, investors will be able to trade seamlessly between securities listed in both HKD and RMB, providing them with a choice of trading currency and access to potential new liquidity.

HKEX Chief Executive Officer Nicolas Aguzin said:

The addition of an RMB Counter for the trading of HKEX shares underscores our commitment to the Dual Counter Model’s successful rollout. This new programme offers investors more choice, greater flexibility and the opportunity to tap into new liquidity pools. As a market operator and as a corporate, we look forward to delivering this new initiative, strengthening Hong Kong’s position as a premier offshore RMB hub and supporting the internationalisation of the RMB.


The trading and settlement arrangements and start date for HKEX shares in RMB, under the HKD-RMB Dual Counter Model, will be announced at a later date.

HKEX has recently introduced a new HKD-RMB Dual Counter Model in the securities market and a Dual Counter Market Making Programme to enhance liquidity for RMB Counters and reduce differences between the two counters.

Earlier in March, HKEX announced that it will open an office in London in the first half of 2023. The markets operator recently published its financial results for 2022, reporting a 12% fall in revenue for the year but strengthening the numbers in the fourth quarter.


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