Erik Penser Bank taps Macrobond for market analysis

Macrobond, provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector data for finance professionals, revealed that Stockholm-based Erik Penser Bank is using Macrobond to deliver critical data and modelling tools to interpret market events.

Erik Penser Bank’s asset managers mine financial, corporate, sustainability and macroeconomic data to help from their allocation strategies and tailor solutions for retail and institutional investors.

Founded in Malmö in 2008, Macrobond provides comprehensive macroeconomic, aggregate financial and sector time-series data to over 4,000 economists, analysts, portfolio managers, quants and strategists worldwide, alongside integrated tools that allow them to quickly find, analyse and visualise the data.


Jonas Thulin, Head of Asset Management, Erik Penser Bank, said:

As an asset manager in 2021, it’s very important to find your own data, do your own analysis, and make up your own mind about what’s happening in the markets. Macrobond has the breadth and depth of data, along with the modelling tools, to help us make sense of what’s actually going on – and that gives us a bit of an upper hand when the sell-side pitches a particular product for certain scenarios.

Tomas Liljeborg, Macrobond CEO, said:

Tomas Liljeborg, Macrobond

Tomas Liljeborg

My ambition when creating the Macrobond platform was to give economists tools that were easy to use, contained the vast data they need and the technology to find and analyse it easily. We are delighted to play such a key role in helping firms like Erik Penser Bank to be able to respond to markets and client needs so efficiently.

Earlier this year, Macrobond open an office in Stockholm to better serve its client in the Nordic region. With around 200 customers there, Macrobond serves banks and asset managers, as well as government institutions, non-profit organisations and universities, half of which are based in Sweden.

The platform’s integrated tools allow users to find, analyse and visualise the data quickly in order to gain strategically relevant insights. Automated workflows help them collaborate across their businesses to respond to fast-changing market conditions and improving productivity.

Jonas Thulin, Head of Asset Management, Erik Penser Bank, concluded:

The ability to visualise the data is hugely important because it allows us to clearly explain to institutions and other money managers, funds and investors what we have actually done with their money, basically. It’s extremely important for us to be able to be transparent and completely open with our clients.

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