Macrobond and FactSet team up to provide equity market and alt-data insights

Macrobond, a provider of global economic, aggregate financial and sector data for finance professionals, has announced its partnership with financial and data company FactSet to deliver insight into the dynamics of global equity markets to researchers.

Macrobond and FactSet have worked together to develop an aggregate version of the US firm’s Quant Factor Library – a point-in-time database of factor insights and consolidated data, including alternative data, from over 70,000 securities across 127 countries and over 200 exchanges. FactSet Quant Factor Library helps users spot investment themes across global equity markets, include ideas into their portfolio construction process and transform raw data into actionable intelligence.

The new dataset combines FactSet’s insights into individual stocks with Macrobond’s platform for top-down analysis. The combination of the two allows users to efficiently form an aggregate view of the market by index, sector, country and other categories. It incorporates standard metrics such as earnings yields and EPS estimates, as well as a broad range of data such as ownership and corporate governance – including the number of women on boards, executive remuneration and stock buybacks – enabling researchers to explore relevant themes.


Howard Rees, Chief Commercial Officer, Macrobond, commented:

Howard Rees, Macrobond

Howard Rees

Economists, strategists and asset allocators will welcome a credible new entrant that combines traditional measures, such as PE and EPS estimates, with more topical data such as ESG and investor sentiment. The expansive library of traditional content and alternative data allows additional themes, such as the number of women holding board positions, to be researched and analysed to support investment decisions and builds on Macrobond’s market leading position as a supplier of top down ESG/SRI time-series data.

Over 4,000 finance professionals globally contribute to Macrobond’s economic intelligence. Its SaaS platform delivers instant access to macroeconomic, aggregate financial and sector time-series data from over 2,500 global sources, along with integrated analytics which allows users to quickly analyse, visualise and share the data.

Bijan Beheshti, Vice President and Director of Strategy, Risk and Quantitative Analytics, FactSet, said:

Macrobond has an impressive platform for analysing macroeconomics and aggregate financial data. We are very excited to bring FactSet’s Quant Factor Library into this ecosystem. Our partnership enables Macrobond users to leverage powerful equity signals across dozens of global universes for macro research, quant modelling and monitoring markets.

FactSet’s Quant Factor Library is integrated throughout the FactSet Workstation. It can be accessed through its suite of Analytics APIs and available in customised FTP deliverable data feeds.

This partnership is part of Macrobond’s growth trajectory, the company has been on during the last 12 months. Important milestones the firm has achieved include several senior management appointments, bringing expertise and regional experience to the operation. Macrobond has also expanded capabilities in key markets such as China through investments in data assets. The firm also opened its seventh major regional offices, in Stockholm and launched a Web API data feed to continue delivering data and modelling software to its expanding client base.

Most recently, Macrobond reported a record quarter of growth with the addition of 32 global customers in Q2 of 2021, spanning economic consultancies, corporates, asset managers and large pension funds.

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