Ballinger & Co. adds three directors to its senior team

Forex specialist Ballinger & Co. announced the appointment of three directors to its senior leadership, bolstering its quickly expanding team.

Patrick Ronane, Tim Hallinan and Jon Robson are joining the team in London, respectively as Managing Director, Sales, Sales Director, and Trading Director.

Ballinger & Co. is a specialist FX broker and provides forex services to corporate and institutional clients globally.

The three new directors join a fast-growing team with more than 100 years collective experience in deliverable FX. Ballinger welcomes the new directors a month after the addition of Will Tracey, former Monex Europe co-founder, as Executive Chairman. Their collective expertise and skills are set to further propel Ballinger’s rise within the deliverable FX market.

Prior to joining Ballinger & Co., Patrick Ronane held senior positions at Monex Europe. There, he played a significant role in the global development of the business, recruiting, training and managing the Sales teams across Europe. He was essential figure in developing relationships at C-suite level with corporate and institutional clients, primarily within the Alternative Investment and Insurance sectors, across the US, Asia and Europe.

Patrick Ronane, Managing Director, Sales, stated:

Patrick Ronane, Ballinger & Co.

Patrick Ronane

I am delighted to be joining such a dynamic and accomplished team at Ballinger. The business is clearly flying and I am keen to bring my experience to such a sophisticated sales operation. Ballinger is quickly becoming the most exciting specialist FX broker in the sector and I’m very pleased to be part of that journey.

Tim Hallinan’s appointment as Ballinger and Co.’s Sales Director comes after a decade in Monex Europe’s core team, where he served as Team Leader, responsible for new business acquisition, client relationship management and people development.

Ballinger & Co. adds three directors to its senior team

Tim Hallinan, Sales Director, said:

Tim Hallinan, Ballinger & Co.

Tim Hallinan

I have known Ballinger’s senior leadership for many years; they have an unrivalled track record, and this is reflected in how the business continues to go from strength to strength. Together, we are committed to building a diverse, talented team capable of meeting the needs of complex clients currently underserved in the market.

Before joining Ballinger & Co., Jon Robson worked at Sunrise Brokers, where he traded in equity derivatives since 2011 and was instrumental in growing revenue prior to its sale to BGC Partners. He  brings to Ballinger & Co.’s trading operations 17 years of experience in financial markets, having dealt for Credit Suisse, UBS, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Jon Robson, Trading Director, commented:

Jon Robson, Ballinger & Co.

Jon Robson

It’s a special time in Ballinger’s expansion and I can’t wait to get to started. At present, the market offers significant opportunities for both our institutional and corporate clients and I’m confident that we can create value with a genuinely innovative, forward thinking offering.

Tom Dudderidge, CEO of Ballinger & Co., added:

Tom-Dudderidge, Ballinger & Co.


We are thrilled to see Patrick, Tim and Jon join the team. They bring tremendous expertise to their roles and we have worked incredibly hard to create an agile, entrepreneurial environment for the best talent in the industry. Our growth in the past few months reassures me that we are on the right track and creating something special within the market.

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