ZuluTrade shares future plans following the acquisition by Finvasia

Social trading and investing network ZuluTrade Group announced today its plans for 2022 after it was acquired by Finvasia Group.

ZuluTrade has a strong potential for becoming the largest broker-neutral social trading platform, the company stated in its official announcement. During the new year, the broker will strengthen its current capabilities and expand its product line by moving into different markets and financial instruments.

The company revealed that it will venture into contemporary asset classes such as cryptocurrencies and traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds.

ZuluTrade 2.0

The company’s plans for the future also include launching a more engaging social investing platform with advanced social and technology features, leveraging ZuluTrade’s current capabilities.

ZuluTrade 2.0 and future plans after the acquisition by Finvasia

ZuluTrade 2.0 will promote and accelerate community engagement. The new version of the platform will also focus on providing users access to analysis, data, insights and portfolio optimization tools, which are typically reserved to professional investors.

With the acquisition by Finvasia group, Zulu will also gain access to its resources and will look to obtain licenses across various jurisdictions so it can extend portfolio management capabilities to a wider range of users across multiple jurisdictions and platforms.

CEO of ZuluTrade, George Illias said:

Finvasia’s acquisition of ZuluTrade hallmarks an exciting opportunity for us to be able to make our platform an even greater experience for all our users. With Finvasia’s support, ZuluTrade will be able to offer better technology and access to our users while further widening our customer base around the world.

Finvasia is a leader in fintech with clients across the world who use finvasia’s products in some shape of form. We will be able to leverage their presence and expertise to take ZuluTrade to the heights that we’ve never seen before.

Sarvjeet Singh Virk, Co-founder & Chief Managing Director, Finvasia Group, said:

We are excited that ZuluTrade is now a Finvasia Group Company and equally motivated to introduce innovative features that will further empower the platform’s users. We have a vision for ZuluTrade and look forward to building amazing products together that can solve real life challenges of both an average investor as well as institutional investors.

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