PrimeXM’s monthly trading volume falls 15%MoM in April

PrimeXM has just released its monthly metrics for April 2021. The broker reported a total of $897.59 billion in total trading volumes registered last month across the 3 major Data Center locations. The monthly metrics are following the recent trend among brokers of falling in April after the record highs of March 2021.

PrimeXM’s trading activities in April dropped 15.18% MoM compared to March when it reached $1.06 trillion.

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in April was $40.80 billion, down by 11.32% MoM compared to the previous month. 19th April was the highest daily trading volume of the month with $53.55 billion turnovers, a 8.74% decrease compared to March. The total trades registered in March were $27.03 million, down by 21.79% on monthly basis.

PrimeXM volumes

Over 75% of the total monthly traded volume was recorded in Prime XM Data Centre in London LD4 – $673.42billion in notional value. The Data Centre NY4 has preserved the second place from TY3 with $126.75 billion in monthly trading volume and 2%MoM growth.

XAUUSD remains consistent as the most popular instrument of PrimeXM‘s traders for the past few months, with a total trading volume of $251.9 billion in April which represented 29% of the overall monthly trading volume. This marks a 17.46%MoM decrease compared to March when it was $305.2 billion. Major FX pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD preserved 2nd and 3rd place with a combined volume of $259.8 billion.

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