PrimeXM sets new record in trading volumes with $1.23 trillion in November 2021

PrimeXM has released its monthly metrics for November 2021. The broker reported a total of $1.23 trillion in total trading volumes registered last month across the 4 major Data Center, surpassing the previous record set in September 2021 of $1.227 trillion.

The monthly numbers are significantly higher than the same period last year. They went up by 34% YoY, compared to November 2020 when they reached $918.90 billion. On monthly basis, the total trading volumes were 11.84% higher compared to October 2021.

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) in November was $55.91 billion, with a 6.73% MoM increase compared to the previous month. 26th November was the highest daily trading volume of the month with $76.35 billion in turnover. The total trades registered in November were $31.84 million.

PrimeXM volumes

PrimeXM Data Centre in London LD4 registered $995.24 billion in notional value, 81% of the total monthly volume. The Data Centre NY4 remained in second place with $130.95 billion in monthly trading volume. TY3 reached $102.43 billion in November. The newly established SG1 data center, showed steady growth with having processed $1.7 billion.

XAUUSD remains consistent as the favouruite instrument of PrimeXM’s traders for the past few months, with a total trading volume of $367.7 billion in November and 30% of overall monthly trading volume. Major FX pair EURUSD returned to 2nd place with $188.4 billion and US 30 index took 3rd place with $148.7 billion.

Month Total Traded Volume ($ billion) Average Daily Volume ($ billion) Number of Trades (million)
November 2021
October 2021
MoM % Change

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