PrimeXM hits new monthly record trading volume

On Monday, financial industry technology provider PrimeXM revealed its trading volume statistics for September, revealing a new record monthly trading volume of $1.23 trillion over its four primary data centre locations.

The number exceeded the previous record achieved in March 2020, representing a 31% year-on-year increase compared to a volume of $936.97 billion during the same period last year. 

The Average Daily Volume (ADV) recorded in September was $55.78 billion. September’s highest daily trading volume was recorded on the 28th, with $85.25 billion turnovers – also the highest daily trading volume in 2021.

PrimeXM volumes

In September, PrimeXM’s total number of trades was 30.37 million, a 12% MoM improvement compared to August’s 27.15 million trades. 

During September, the most traded instrument was XAUUSD (Gold), with $287.4 billion in notional value, representing around 23% of the overall monthly volume. The US30 index rose 3 places and displaced EURUSD as the 2nd most traded instrument with $249.2 billion, a notable increase from the prior month’s $98.8 billion. The EURUSD itself had a notional value of $162.6 billion, representing 13.25% of overall volume.  In 4th place, the GBPUSD had a value of $111.3 billion, making up 9.07% of the overall monthly volume.

Commenting on the report, PrimeXM said:

More than 80% of the total monthly traded volume was recorded in our Data Center located in LD4 – $982.02 billion in notional value. 

Another $138.27 billion has passed through NY4 and the data center in TY3 has processed $106.76 billion. Our newly established SG1 data center has seen more than $28 million in trading activities in its second month since its inception.

In August, the company’s total trading volume was reported as $1.06 billion, while the average daily volume was $48.42 billion. The number of trades during August was 27.15 million. As a result, the month-on-month change for total traded volume and average daily volume from August to September was 15.18% for both metrics.

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