GCEX now offers 24/7 forex trading

Digital brokerage GCEX today announced it now offers 24/7 FX trading for institutional and professional clients. This move mirrors the firm’s digital assets offering, which offers 24/7 crypto trading.

Lars Holst, CEO, GCEX commented:

Lars Holst, GCEX

Lars Holst

This is a significant announcement and another example of how GCEX is pushing boundaries and leading the way. It is the industry norm for FX shops to be closed at the weekend but we believe this will change and that money should be moving during the weekend, too.

The brokerage noted that since its crypto trading was already open 24/7, it was a simple step to do the same for forex as well. GCEX expects that payment providers will witness a growing demand as a result.

GCEX 27/7 fx trading

Holst added:

Adapting our offering to 24/7 FX trading has been relatively simple as we are already open all hours for crypto trading and are used to providing high levels of service at weekends. I think most of the demand for this will be from payment providers. If people are using credit cards at the weekend, for example, why should the payment providers have to wait until Monday morning to settle the transactions?

Founded in 2018, GCEX is authorized by the FCA in the UK and the FSA in Denmark. The firm recently obtained a provisional regulatory approval by the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in Dubai (VARA) to operate as a crypto exchange.


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