Exclusive: ATFX reports 41% growth in Q1 trading volumes owed in part to Covid-19 volatility

LeapRate Exclusive… Global FX broker ATFX has just released its growth report for the first quarter of 2020. The broker exclusively shared with LeapRate higher revenue earnings for certain product categories. 

Q1 2020 trade volumes increased by 41% YoY. The number of total active traders also rose by 62.57%. The results were achieved, in part, due to heightened volatility within global financial markets affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the product categories that registered improved performance in Q1 include Metal CFDs, Index CFDs and CFD shares. There was a 17.3% increase in precious metals trading led by gold CFD trading. Investors largely avoided riskier assets in Q1, including Index and CFD shares, and this led to a subsequent smaller increase in trading volumes compared to gold.


ATFX also increased its offerings by launching new products, including Gold and natural gas futures, as well as 3M (MMM), the U.S. stock CFD.

Jeffrey Siu ATFX

Jeffrey Siu

The COO of ATFX Group, Jeffrey Siu, commented on the news: 

The positive results we registered in Q1 were driven partly by increased volatility in the global financial markets. The state of these markets has been an underlying factor in ATFX’s uptick in client trading activity. The launch of new products such as Gold, natural gas futures and 3M stock CFDs have also played a pivotal role in boosting our results. We saw an increase in our earnings in Q1 and are very much looking forward to a prosperous second quarter. 

At ATFX, we remain focused on implementing our strategic expansion plans as many advanced nations start easing lockdown measures. We are continuously assessing market dynamics, which has allowed us to execute our contingency plans earlier this year and adapt to tough conditions created by the coronavirus pandemic. In line with government guidelines, we’ve put a temporary hold on physical seminars and instead, we’re running even more webinars online to ensure clients stay up to date with the market. We recently increased our share capital and are in the process of expanding our product suite and operations to other countries. We’re confident this approach combined with a resilient team will see us as a stronger company after this crisis.

The broker now expects full-year revenues and profitability to be substantially higher than the current estimates thanks to the strong performance recorded in the first quarter.

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