ATFX adds 3M shares to its CFD trading list

ATFX shares market outlook for Q2 2020

Global broker ATFX announced that it has just added 3M Co. shares (NYSE:MMM) to its stock CFDs trading list.

3M shares have been battered by the coronavirus outbreak, which has affected most companies with significant exposure to Asia.

Trading CFDs on stocks allows investors to open both long and short positions on a stock without taking on the risk of owning the actual stock.

ATFX allows traders to buy and sell CFDs products 24/5 as opposed to trading the actual stock, which trades on a centralised exchange for a few hours each day.

The broker also informed that it will continually add more tradeable assets to its portfolio of products throughout the rest of 2020.

LeapRate reminds that the broker also released a quarterly market report for the new year where market specialists from different regions share insights, analysis and predictions on currency pairs, commodities, and equity markets for the year.

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