CMC Markets expands its range of share baskets

UK-based online trading provider CMC Markets announced expanding its range of share baskets in response to the growing demand from its clients.

The rapid shift to working from home has accelerated a lot of processes that were already in the works for technology providers. Collaboration tools are more important than ever for businesses, as well as for individuals and may shape the way we operate in the future. For that reason, CMC Markets launched two new share baskets to track key behavioural changes, utilizing the popularity of Remote Lifestyle and Collaborative Technology investments.

Research Analyst and Portfolio Manager Joe Kunkle, consulting with CMC Markets, said:

Recent events have accelerated the speed of major thematic shifts such as work-from-home, and discussions from management across the software space are validating the surge in demand for these solutions as every company scrambles to ensure business as usual in the new environment. This includes having an online presence, a collaborative work environment, network security, modernized digital infrastructure and more.

Lately, the worth of many fast growth businesses has climbed including Zoom Video which is up almost 200% since February. Peloton jumped over 150% from March. The popularity of these two stocks increased dramatically, with both having never registered in the top 200 list of most traded equity CFDs in the beginning of the year and today frequently appearing in the top 30 daily list.

Simon Campbell, Group Head of Trading at CMC Markets, commented:

Simon Campbell, CMC Markets

Simon Campbell

There has been much speculation around how different industries will be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and certainly it will take time to see, however there are some clear obvious innovators. Traders are often the first to identify new opportunities in emerging industries and CMC have seen a large uplift in the volumes for Peloton, Citrix and Zoom Video in recent weeks. As an organisation we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to client demand and as such are excited to be able to allow our clients access to these trending stocks in one trade.

The Remote Lifestyle basket has shares in such companies as Amazon, eBay, Dominos Pizza Inc and Peloton Interactive. The Collaborative Technology basket shares range from DocuSign, Slack and Zoom to Microsoft and Apple. Each constituent is given a tiered weighting and in order to maintain configurations efficiently, CMC Markets is working with business information provider IHS Markit.

Earlier this year CMC Markets launched a range of 17 share baskets, giving clients the opportunity to gain diversified exposure to an industry with a single trade.

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