extends trading hours with pre-market and after-hours trading

European trading and investing platform has announced extending its trading hours to allow pre-market and after-hours trading on its platform.

Clients of the platform can now trade derivatives on popular securities between 04:10 to 20:00 EST, outside of the traditional trading hours of 9:30 to 16:00 EST.

The extension of the trading hours is meant to allow clients to trade at more convenient and flexible times. It will also help them react quickly to news and events before the normal trading day starts.

Jonathan Squires, CEO, said:

Jonathan Squires,

Jonathan Squires
Source: LinkedIn

By extending’s trading hours, we can offer our clients greater flexibility, enabling them to take advantage of more opportunities. Experienced traders can use the extended trading hours to quickly respond to the latest events, announcements and reports published before the market opens or after its close.

The pre-market and after-hours trading will be enabled for more than 100 top-traded markets on The list includes popular names such as vaccine manufacturer Pfizer, video calling app Zoom, electric vehicle manufacturers Xpeng and Nikola.

Prices withing the new trading sessions are set using price providers. They can be less liquid and more volatile. Through its website and its free educational app, Investmate, provides educational content to help investors understand the risks associated with trading withing these extended periods and to help them confidently participate in financial markets.

Earlier in May, revealed that during the first quarter of 2021, it increased the number of clients to over 2 million. The company reported that the number of new clients onboarded during the first quarter rose 233% compared to the previous quarter. saw 78% increase in trading volume reaching $82 billion.

The European investment trading platform also healthy trading results for the financial year 2020. The number of clients registered with Capital Com (UK) Limited grew 3,600 % between 2019 and 2020.


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