sees 233% rise in new clients in Q1 2021 has revealed its trading volumes for the first quarter of 2021 which ended on 31 March. During the first quarter, the European investment trading platform increased the number of clients to over 2 million.

The company reported that the number of new clients onboarded during the first quarter rose 233% compared to the previous quarter. saw 78% increase in trading volume reaching $82 billion.

The high numbers the platform registered are partly attributed to the global market rally and rising retail participation in financial markets resulting from the lockdown measures.

Jonathan Squires, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

Jonathan Squires,

Jonathan Squires
Source: LinkedIn

The extraordinary growth on the platform is testament to’s ability to build a strong business that is responsive to wider changes.

This is just the beginning for us. Looking ahead, we will continue to deliver solutions and services and make improvements to our platform to empower more people to trade with confidence and ease.

The platform also registered increased trading activity. During Q1, the total number of executed trades rose by 240% compared to the Q4 2020. noted an increased interest in cryptocurrency trading. Among the five most traded assets during Q1, the company reported that the first three included cryptocurrency pairs Dogecoin/USD, Ripple/USD and Ethereum/USD. The other two top traded assets on the platform were derivatives trading on Gamestop and AMC. In the last quarter of last year, Ripple/USD was the top traded asset and crude oil, gold, Tesla and Bitcoin/USD followed.

Squires added:

Not all clients are allowed to trade cryptocurrency derivatives but in those markets where it is permissible, there has clearly been a growing interest in the fledgling asset class. However, the volumes traded in crypto derivatives by individual investors are still relatively small. allows clients to trade over 3,000 of the most popular indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares and currency pairs through around the world on its web and mobile platforms. Its transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees provides clients with access to free education and trading tools, including its all-in-one app to learn finance, Investmate.

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