BUX teams up with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank to offer fractional European ETFs

Amsterdam-based neo broker BUX today announced that its clients can now invest in fractional European ETFs outside of an investment plan.

In partnership with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank, BUX has built technology which allows it to offer fractional investing in European ETFs. The new feature comes after the company introduced fractional investing to its clients in January 2022.

Fractional European ETF investing

The introduction of fractional European ETFs enables clients to invest with an amount as low as €10. European ETFs with a higher price tag like the S&P 500 Index which usually costs €80, become more accessible to investors with a smaller budget. This allows investors, regardless of their budget, to invest in different ETFs with reduced risk by being able to diversify their portfolios.


Additionally, BUX has also included additional 95 new fractional US stocks to its offering. Big names among the U.S. stocks that are now also available for fractional investments include Mastercard, PepsiCo and IBM. The company noted that fractional investing in European stocks will also become available in the future.

Yorick Naeff, CEO of BUX, commented:

Yorick Naeff, BUX

Yorick Naeff
Source: LinkedIn

With the introduction of fractional European ETFs, we can offer more ways for our clients to build a portfolio that fits their needs and goals. Since introducing fractional investing to our clients at the beginning of the year, we have seen a great deal of interest and this demonstrates that the modern investor is embracing diverse investment options. As the economic climate continues to swing in uncertain directions, we want to offer Europeans a solution that allows them to put their money to work in an accessible way

Jan Bart de Boer, CCO of ABN AMRO Clearing, said:

Fractional trading is trading made accessible for everyone. With our unique fractional trading service we are supporting  our clients to offer embedded investment solutions in capital markets, so all their clients can profit. Expanding this fractional trading service offering with European products will open up the EU capital markets for our clients and their investors to create embedded and efficient investment solutions as well.


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