BDSwiss offers new payment methods in LATAM via PayRetailers

FX and CFDs broker BDSwiss has revealed its partnership with PayRetailers. The payment platform operates in in Latin America and offers a suite of payment options via a single seamless API integration.

The collaboration with PayRetailers offers access to cash-based payment types which are still the main pillars of money transfers in LATAM, as well as access to all major modern alternative payment methods (APMs).

Nearly a quarter of LATAM’s population remains completely unbanked and the vast majority are underbanked, which makes the landscape of payment processing in Latin America is particularly complex.

BDSwiss offers new payment methods in LATAM via PayRetailers

BDSwiss takes steps towards addressing the issue with this latest partnership. It offers Latin American clients the ability to process deposits, transfers and withdrawals via Visa Mastercard and with the widely accepted Brazilian card scheme – Hipercard.

Andreas Evripidou, the BDSwiss Head of Payments, commented:

Andreas Evripidou, BDSwiss

Andreas Evripidou
Source: LinkedIn

We are very pleased with our partnership with PayRetailers, because the new payment features will provide flexibility, safety and ease when it comes to deposits and withdrawals for our clients in Latin America. We remain committed to always providing a superior trading and investing experience to all our clients.

BDSwiss has recently revealed its partnership with provider of international payment services PayPugs. Through its collaboration with PayPugs, BDSwiss is looking to expand its payment options arsenal with a fully integrated digital payment solution.

In March, the broker also announced obtaining two International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certifications from external certification bodies, TÜV Cyprus and TÜV Hellas (TÜV Nord Group).

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