ACY Securities expands share CFDs offering for MT5 traders

ACY Securities has enlarged the number of share CFDs the company offers for MT5 traders.

The Aussie broker today revealed that its clients will have access to 202 new share CFDs greater access for their traders.

ACY Securities has added of the following CFDs across our Share and ETF offerings:

  • 130 additional ASX stocks increasing the total to 425;
  • 27 additional NYSE stocks increasing the total to 847;
  • 28 additional NASDAQ stocks increasing the total 484;
  • 17 additional ARC ETFs increasing the total to 131.

Trading opportunities

Ashley Jessen, Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities, commented:

Our clients are constantly connected to the markets and have streaming news services flowing through all their devices. As a result, opportunities pop up constantly, and our commitment to our traders is to ensure they can trade all the best opportunities from the one trading account as soon as the trade comes up.

The latest update follows recent increase in the number of instruments from 800 to over 1600, combined with the choice of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms.

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