Dukascopy announces two new indices for MT4 traders

Dukascopy Bank has announced that it has added new indices to the MT4 platform, available for accessed by Dukascopy Bank’s and Dukascopy Europe Live’s clients as well as demo users.

According to the official announcement, the two indices are the Volatility Index (VOL.IDX) and the South Africa Top 40 Index (SOA.IDX).

The Geneva-based retail forex and CFD broker added 405 new stock CFDs in August last year. These CFDs are based on stock of companies like Harley-Davidson, Spotify, Dell, Puma and others from US, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands and Spain.

Dukascopy bank

The brokerage also stated that it has recently expanded its portfolio with 28 Stock CFDs from Mexico, the Volatiltity Index (VOL.IDX/USD) and the South Africa Index (SOA.IDX/ZAR) for JForex users.

Dukascopy rolled out an update to its JForex3 in February last year, launching the new version – its JForex4 trading platform.

The company stated:

Dukascopy continues to develop JForex4 as the main platform, which has 1160 trading instruments, including FX, Bullion, CFDs on commodities, bonds, Indices, cryptos, stocks, ETFs and it keeps constantly expanding.

Dukascopy noted that it offers MT4 a complimentary trading platform with a limited list of trading instruments and it plans to launch MT5 in the near future.

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