Launch of United Fintech to transform banks & fintechs in capital markets

United Fintech, a new concept which enables banks and financial institutions to accelerate access to innovative digital technology from a wide range of fintechs specialising in capital markets, launches today.

United Fintech will offer easy access to new technology and accelerate implementation of proven solutions to banks and financial institutions. Its focuses on facilitating banks and financial institutions in their transition to a digital world.

Over the next five years, United Fintech is planning to acquire and scale up a range of small to medium sized engineering-led fintech companies with a proven capital markets product. The United Fintech management team, carefully selected for their track records within global financial institutions or fast-growth technology firms, will work in collaboration with the founders of these fintechs, scaling them into global organisations.

United Fintech is the brainchild of Christian Frahm, fintech entrepreneur, with more than 20 years of global experience from successful ventures within financial technology. As Founder and CEO of United Fintech, Frahm brings vast experience from founding and being CEO of his own fintech business (taking it from scratch to 120M USD exit). In addition, he has occupied leadership positions in two fintech successes over the past few decades: Saxo Bank and Bloomberg.

Christian Frahm commented:

Christian Frahm, United Fintech

Christian Frahm

Most fintechs globally are focused on disrupting banks. We believe in the opposite. We believe banks serve as a core part of our society and we want to partner with banks to help them to transition to a digital world. United Fintech can help banks and financial institutions to access the latest technology and can also help with implementation including technical onboarding, vendor onboarding, technical due diligence and credit due diligence.

Launch of United Fintech to transform banks & fintechs in Capital Markets

The Team

Tom Robinson has been named Partner & Head of Sales. He joins United Fintech from Jefferies where he served as Managing Director and Head of e-FX Sales. Robinson’s career includes almost a decade at Goldman Sachs as Managing Director and Global Head of e-FX Sales. He has also held sales roles at Barclays Capital and Bloomberg.

Tom Robinson said:

Tom Robinson, United Fintech

Tom Robinson

The timing is perfect for United Fintech’s launch – banks know they need to engage with fintechs and we are ideally placed to help them to execute their fintech strategy whilst also helping the fintechs to gain a seat at the table.

Acquisition of NetDania

United Fintech has finalized its first acquisition of Danish fintech NetDania, which provides market data, APIs, market terminals, charting components and full white-labels – whether web, mobile or desktop.

Thomas Elster, CEO, NetDania said:

Thomas Elster, NetDania

Thomas Elster

We are very excited about working with United Fintech to grow our business. NetDania has an excellent product range that already serves some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The timing is right for us to take this step to increase our reach.

United Fintech plans a series of strategic acquisitions to enhance banks and financial institutions’ operations. Its portfolio will include a broad range of products including trading platforms, liquidity management and regulatory reporting tools through to AI and machine learning applications, Big Data tools, institutional Blockchain, Bots and Virtual Assistants.

Headquartered in London, United Fintech has a global sales network and regional offices in London, New York, Dubai, Singapore and China. Its team consists of experts in each aspect of building, growing and scaling capital markets businesses. Additional members of the senior team will be announced within the next few weeks.

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