Moscow Exchange adds 20 new international stocks to its offering

Moscow Exchange will add 20 international stocks to trading. The new addition includes stocks from  Zoom, Western Digital and Virgin Galactic.

The number of shares and depositary receipts of international issuers available on the Russian market operator will now reach 144.  The Moscow Exchange plans to add more international securities for trading in the future based on demand from banks, brokers, asset managers and their clients.

MOEX launched trading in international equities on 24 August last year. The securities are available for trading in the main and after-hours trading sessions.

Moscow Exchange

The trades are settled in RUB via MOEX’s infrastructure, which includes a qualified central counterparty and record-keeping with the central securities depository (NSD). Dividends are set in the currency of the issuer, i.e., in USD for US securities.

Individual investors are able to establish their eligibility a reduction of or exemption from tax on dividend income from US securities by submitting Form W-8.

Moscow Exchange recently announced acquiring a 70% stake in INGURU, an e-commerce platform provider that offers insurance and banking products. The exchange may increase its ownership to 100% over the next five years.

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