MOEX sees a 17% fall in FX volumes in 2022

The Russian market operator Moscow Exchange Group (MOEX) today released its trading metrics for 2022.

According to the official press release, the overall trading volumes of the exchange grew during last year, however, the performance of some of the market segments, including FX, has worsen, compared to 2021.

The total trading volumes across the exchange increased 4.6% to RUB 1.1 quadrillion in 2022.

FX Market trading volume for the year fell to RUB 267.8, dropping 16.8% compared to the RUB 322 trillion recorded in 2021. The average daily trading volume (ADTV) came in at RUB 1,058.6 billion, 16.2% lower than the previous year, when the number was RUB 1,262.9 billion.

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The swap and forward trades saw the biggest hit reaching RUB 167.5 trillion, which is a 25.4% fall compared to the previous year. Spot trading volumes, however, registered a 5.5% uptick to RUB 100.4 trillion.

Equities, bonds and derivatives markets on MOEX also declined last year.

The total trading volume on the Equity and Bond Market stood at RUB 17.6 trillion, falling from the RUB 30.0 trillion recorded in 2021. ADTV dropped to RUB 69.5 billion from RUB 117.6 billion.

Trading volume in corporate, regional and sovereign bonds came in at RUB 19.6 trillion in 2022 from RUB 22.4 trillion in the prior year. ADTV fell to RUB 77.6 billion from RUB 88 billion.

The derivatives market recorded a more significant decline to RUB 77.9 trillion from RUB 158.5 trillion in 2021. ADTV dropped 50% to RUB 307.8 billion.

The money market made an exception and rose 41.2% to RUB 672.7 trillion and ADV to RUB 2,659 billion in 2022.

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