MOEX releases October market report, ADV down 12% MoM

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Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has just released its market report for the month of October.

In securities market the trading volume of stocks totalled RUB 673 bln in October. The average daily trading volume was RUB 32 bln, down 12.3% MoM. The T+2 sector made up 99.7% of the total secondary market trading volume and the T0 sector accounted for 0.3%.

The MICEX Index was down 0.6% MoM to 2,064.31 at the end of October from 2,077.19 at the end of September.

The dollar-denominated RTS Index decreased by 1.4% to 1,113.41 from 1,136.75. The cash equity market’s capitalisation increased by 1.4% to USD 620.7 bln from USD 612.1 bln.

The following blue chips were down in October:

  • FGC UES ords, by 7.7% (RUB 0.158 per share),
  • VTB Bank ords, by 2.6% (to RUB 0.06 per share),
  • Rostelecom ords, by 1.5% (to RUB 68.3 per share),
  • Surgutneftegas ords, by 1.1% (to RUB 29.175 per share),
  • Rosneft ords, by 0.1% (to RUB 318.7 per share),

The following blue chip shares were up in October:

  • Sberbank ords, by 0.8% (to RUB 193.8 per share),
  • Lukoil ords, by 1% (to RUB 3,096 per share),
  • Gazprom ords, by 3% (to RUB 125.9 per share),
  • Norilsk Nickel ords, by 6.8% (to RUB 10,592 per share),
  • Polyus Gold ords, by 8% (to RUB 4,804 per share).

Monthly best sellers

This month’s most traded stocks were Sberbank ords (SBER) with a turnover of RUB 146.4 bln (22% of the total), followed by Gazprom (GAZP) with RUB 72.8 bln (11%), Norilsk Nickel (GMKN) with RUB 57.4 bln (9%), Magnit (MGNT) with RUB 50.9 bln (8%) and Lukoil (LKOH) with RUB 33.7 bln (5%).

Other securities’ turnover totalled RUB 297.3 bln (45% of the total trading volume).

The bond market’s trading volume totalled RUB 2,435 bln in October. The average daily trading volume was RUB 116 bln, up 9.7% MoM. Secondary market turnover in corporate ruble bonds was RUB 304.9 bln (12.5% of the total trading volume). Regional ruble bonds’ turnover was RUB 33.9 bln (1.4%), Sovereign ruble bonds saw RUB 696.1 bln (28.6%), while Eurobonds had RUB 10.4 bln (0.4%) and IFI bond had RUB 5.8 bln (0.2%). The total volume of new issues placed was RUB 1,383.6 bln (57%).

The Russian Government Bond Index (RGBITR) grew 1.2% in October to 456.85 (from 452.44 at the end of September).

The MICEX Municipal Bond Index (MICEXMBITR) was up 1.7% to 348.35 (from 342.46). The MICEX Corporate Bond Index (MICEXCBITR) was up 1.4% to 240.57 (from 237.33).

The complete report for October can be seen here.

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