MOEX announces steady Russian Bond Indices October volumes

moex moscow exchange

Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has just released its monthly equity and bond indices volumes report for the month of October.

Aggregate bond index RUABITR (total return) comprised of Government corporate and municipal bonds traded on Moscow Exchange was up 0.99% in October.

Russian Government Bond Index RGBITR was up 0.97% to 456.85 points. The YTM of securities included in the index was 7.54%. The highest growth among government bond indices, segmented by duration, showed RUGBITR5Y that includes government bonds with duration from 3 to 5 years. It grew up by 1.16%.

Municipal bond index MICEXMBITR was up 1.37% and equaled 240.57 points. The highest growth among municipal bond indices segmented by duration and credit quality showed RUMBITRBB that includes bonds with duration from 1 year and credit rating from BB- to BBB-. It grew up by 1.57% in October.

The MICEX Corporate Bond Index MICEXCBITR total return value was up 1.72% to 348.35 points. The YTM of securities included in the calculation formula was 8.55%.

The complete monthly report can be seen here.

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