MOEX expands international share offering to more than 500 stocks

Moscow Exchange has revealed plans to add shares for trading of 80 international companies including Nasdaq, Airbnb, Domino’s Pizza, Gartner, Motorola Solutions and others on 1 December 2021.

Together with the new additions, the number of shares and depository receipts of international issuers available to trade on the exchange will be 521.

The Russian market operator shared plans to make more international securities available for trading in future depending on demand from banks, brokers, asset managers and their clients.

MOEX made trading in international equities available on 24 August 2020. Trades were conducted in the main and after-hours trading sessions and are settled in RUB through the exchange’s infrastructure, which includes a qualified central counterparty and record-keeping with the central securities depository (NSD). MOEX noted that dividends are set in the currency of the issuers, for US securities this is USD.

Moscow Exchange

All shares international companies that can be traded on Moscow Exchange are available in RUB and the currency of the primary listing, primarily US dollars.

According to the official announcement, National Clearing Centre (NCC, part of Moscow Exchange Group) takes securities of international companies as collateral for trades made on Moscow Exchange markets.

MOEX further detailed that individual investors can establish eligibility for reduction of or exemption from tax on dividend income from US securities by submitting Form W-8.

Moscow Exchange recently revealed that trading volumes in international stocks hit a record of RUB 7.6 billion on 5 November.

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