HKEX launches new market website

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has unveiled a new website for its Hong Kong markets today, introducing a fresh new look and enhanced functionality for website visitors.

The new market website is completely rebuilt from the ground up with an entirely new back-end system and design that aligns with HKEX’s new corporate image released last year. Aside from back-end improvements that provide internal users with more flexibility and streamline the updating process, the new website contains the following enhancements:

  • Streamlined navigation: the new “mega menu” at the top of the website gives users easier access to different parts of the website without having to click through multiple pages
  • Enhanced market data functionality: the presentation of market data has been completely rebuilt, giving users the ability to easily manipulate and filter data from the securities and derivatives markets
  • Responsive design: the website was built with mobility in mind, giving users of tablets and smartphones access to the website tailored for a variety of screen sizes

Online tutorial videos are also available to guide users and assist them in getting the most from the revamped website.

The new market website is an important touchpoint for investors, brokers, Exchange Participants, vendors and others when seeking information from HKEX. The revamped website features a new information architecture designed to make finding information easier and with fewer clicks.

The website is the home for all of the information pertaining to HKEX’s Hong Kong market. The HKEX Group website, which was revamped in September last year, is HKEX’s designated company website for publication of HKEX’s announcements, notices and other corporate communications.

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HKEX launches new market website

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