Euronext FX trading volumes fall 11.8% MoM in July

Pan-European derivatives exchange Euronext witnessed a 11.8% MoM decline in FX spot trading volumes from June to July, the company reported on Tuesday.

The company reported $449.9 billion in FX spot trading volumes during last month, compared to the $510 billion registered in June.

On yearly basis, the numbers were 12.6% YoY higher than July 2021 when the exchange posted $399.63 billion.


The average daily volume in FX for last month came in at $21.42 billion. Compared to June’s $23.19 billion this was a 7.6% MoM fall.

Total Cash Market numbers stood at $206.88 during July 2022, dropping 15% compared to June 2022.

Derivatives markets on Euronext also registered a decline last month with 12.94 million contracts trades. This was nearly a 20% decline compared to the 16.16 million registered in June.

In the end of July, Euronext posted its quarterly metrics, reporting 14% revenue increase to €374.7 million in Q2 2022.

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