Central Bank of Russia suspends execution on foreign bids for Russian securities

Russian c.bank has confirmed it has ordered brokers to freeze the execution of all orders foreign entities and individuals from selling off their Russian investments, bbc news announced earlier today.

Russia’s central bank pushed back the opening hours of the Moscow Exchange to 10:00 on Monday and for a while it was uncertain if it will open at all.

The bank also set upper and lower price limits on the rouble against the US dollar and the euro.

MOEX said:

On the FX Market, during the trading session, the boundaries of the price corridor will not automatically change. At the opening of trading, the National Clearing Center (NCC) set the following limits of the price corridor.

For the USDRUB_TOM currency pair: the lower limit is 76.145, the upper limit is 90.00.
For the EURRUB_TOM currency pair: the lower limit is 85.6150, the upper limit is 101.1925.

The news follows a plunge of the rouble to record lows as Western countries announced sactions against Russia over its Ukraine invasion.

Among the sanctions placed on some of the country’s banks was a ban from using the Swift international payment system.

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