ASX registered 10.5% MoM rise in total capital raised for November

Australian financial market exchanges ASX Group released its November 2020 volumes. The company reported total capital raised of $8.4 billion, an 10.5% MoM increase compared to October 2020 and down by 13% YoY.

Cash Markets

During November 2020, the average daily number of trades was 4%YoY lower than the November 2019. The average daily value traded on-market of $6.6 billion rose by 29%, compared to the same period last year. Market volatility was 0.7%, from 0.5% in November 2019. The expected future volatility was average of 18.0 (11.1 in the pcp).


The average daily futures volumes fell by 1% and average daily options volume was down 83%YoY. Total average daily futures and options on futures volumes was down 2%YoY.

OTC Markets

The notional value of OTC interest rate derivative contracts centrally cleared reached $257.9 billion in November 2020, compared to $665.2 billion in November 2019.


Equity Options

Single stock options average daily contracts traded fell by 5% and index options average daily contracts traded were down 40%YoY.

Exchange-Traded Markets

Participant margin balances held on balance sheet at month-end amounted to $13.5 billion, compared to $11.1 billion the previous year.


The value of securities held in CHESS dropped 1%YoY. The number of dominant settlement messages in November 2020 was 17% higher than the same period last year. The value of securities held in Austraclear rose 23%.


In November, Nine Mile Financial Pty Limited was admitted as an ASX Market Participant.

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