SIX gets ETFs issued by Global X

The Swiss Stock Exchange has announced that another new ETF issuer has been added to its ranks. Following on from Tabula joining the exchange in February, Global X has been added to the list of ETF providers. It means that there are now 27 ETF providers available to traders on the Swiss Stock Exchange. 

This is the second ETF issuer added to the SIX during 2021 and is the ninth issuer in total that has been added this year. Global X will be adding two new funds to the SIX, which means that the total number of ETFs available to traders has increased to more than 1,500. 

The first fund that Global X will be providing to the Swiss Exchange is the Global X Video Games & Esports ETF. This is aimed directly at the fast-growing video games market. With video games now being a mainstream hobby, there are many areas that can be invested in. This fund aims to cover all areas of the market. Game development, game publishing, content streaming and esports will all be targeted and potential investments being made into hardware companies.

SIX welcomes GlobalX as a new ETF issuer

The second fund that Global X has added is the Global X Telemedicine & Digital Health ETF. This fund is focused on the healthcare market. Telemedicine uses video conferencing to provide faster service to patients, and digital healthcare aims to improve the analytics behind the diagnosis. 

Both of these funds have a large grounding in the tech market, one of the world’s largest markets. The addition of the new EFT issuers has given traders access to 234 different thematic EFTs when trading with SIX.

Christian Reuss, the Head of the SIX, had positive comments to make:

A warm welcome to Global X ETFs newly offering their thematic ETFs on our exchange. New issuers and products are part of the reasons why investors increasingly turn to the Swiss stock exchange in order to trade ETFs.

When comparing the first half of 2021 and 2020, ETF trading has increased by more than 44% at the Swiss Stock Exchange. This new addition means that there will be more options available to traders and could lead to larger increases in the long term.

SIX recently revealed the acquisition of international London-based index and ETF data specialist ULTUMUS LTD. With this move, SIX aims to improve its data offering and to support its overall strategy to bring new data to its clients in a fast-growing market.

The deal closed yesterday, however, the financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

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