Tabula becomes 27th ETF issuer on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Tabula – the ETF provider focused on a fixed income for European institutional investors – has today been announced as the 27th ETF issuer on the Swiss Stock Exchange. This revelation comes after the provider listed its US Enhanced UCITS ETF, meaning that new prospects for passive investments in the Fixed Income space are now on offer. This makes it the 4th new product provider to join the exchange this year, following the two new ETP issuers CoinShares and ETC Group, as well as the structured product issuer Exane. All of these new products joined within the space of just 10 days back in January 2021.

The Swiss Stock Exchange is a desirable growth market for exchange-traded fund users. It grants access to assets of a greatly capitalised worldwide investor base that are managed in the country. With around CHF 6.8 trillion under management, Switzerland is one of the world’s largest financial hubs and offers its users a vast range of products to choose from.

Tabula becomes 27th ETF issuer on the Swiss Stock Exchange

Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange in the Business Unit Markets of SIX, said:

Christian Reuss, SIX

Christian Reuss
Source: LinkedIn

A warm welcome to Tabula as a new ETF issuer on our platform. Investors now have a choice of 1,538 ETFs, including more than 400 fixed income products.

The Swiss Stock Exchange was one of the first European exchanges to launch a segment for Exchange Traded Funds nearly 21 years ago in 2000, and today provides its investors with options to trade ETFs on a secure and liquid marketplace. Its Market Data pages provide up-to-date data regarding market developments, trading volumes, and also recently listed products.  At the same time, its free-to-use ETF Market Report works to provide quarterly updates.

The first product that Tabula has now listed in the exchange is the US Enhanced Inflation undertakings for the collective investment of transferable securities (UCITS) ETF, which comes available in a CHF-hedged share class. This product aims to expose its investors to the 2 types of US inflation: Firstly, to a comprehensive portfolio of US inflation-linked bonds (TIPS), which will thereby help to analyse moves made in the US realised inflation, and secondly to US inflation predictions, which are recognised more broadly as US breakeven inflation (calculated in terms of the difference between US real yields and US TIPS), in a single ETF and index.


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