eToro service comes back online after system crash

eToro has experienced technical difficulties due to Microsoft database failures, the retail FX and CFD broker announced. The system crash shut down eToro’s trading platform yesterday and continued this morning.

The issue was finally fixed this morning and the company assured users it was not breached.

eToro tweeted:

Our platform is back up and running and we want to reassure our clients that our systems were not compromised in any way. This was not a breach or an attack on our systems and we have not experienced any data loss of any kind.

Traders on eToro were not able to log into their accounts from 3pm GMT. Status updates on the website identified the cause of the shut down and announced to users they were working on it.

The statement said:

The root cause of the issue has been identified and our developers are working to fix it.
Additional information will be provided as soon as possible.
We appreciate your understanding and apologise for the inconvenience.


There was a stream of updates noting that the team was working to fix the issue stayed down until Wednesday morning.

The episode of systemic failure was not the first, just the previous day on 22 February there and another one occurred in mid-January. They were resolved swiftly by the company, just in a few hours, while the most recent one spread over to a second day.

The shut down of eToro’s platform happened as crypto markets plummeted with over $200 billion in a day, leading to traders expressing frustration on social media.

Some of etoro’s followers on Twitter responded to the situation:

The market is all red, best time to do some buying, buy the dips and you are down all day?

@eToro can you fix the deposit funds…I mean each month I have an issue either you can’t buy, you can’t deposit funds..definetely going to down rate the app in the store.

After yesterday’s issues, today @eToro is having technical issues AGAIN! 2 days in a row, what a joke. Unless they improve the servers I think they will lose many customers in the next days.

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