cTrader Web & Desktop 4.1 now allows users to make crypto deposits

Spotware has revealed the updates of its cTrader Web 4.1 and cTrader Desktop 4.1 versions.

With the rise of interest in cryptocurrency trading, cTrader Web and Desktop have increased their focus on cryptocurrency account users.

Monetary values’ precision of crypto accounts has now been improved. The new release will allow traders across both Windows and Mac devices to deposit directly in crypto, avoiding Fiat conversion.

cTrader Web & Desktop 4.1 now allows users to make crypto deposits

cTrader also improves the addition of indicative USD currency in TradeWatch which enables users to view their balance, equity, margin and P&L in the indicative currency of USD in a single switch via TradeWatch options.

With the Advanced balance bar settings, users can configure and customize the balance bar in TradeWatch for their personal comfort and convenience.

Panagiotis Charalampous, the Head of Community Management at Spotware, said:

Panagiotis Charalampous, Spotware, cTrader

Panagiotis Charalampous
Source: LinkedIn

The releases of cTrader Web and Desktop 4.1 are a major step for both – the web and the desktop versions of the platform. These versions come with a large variety of features, all aimed at improving user experience, adding customization and personalization according to trader preferences. It also marks a major moment in that cTrader has now focused more on cryptocurrency users, allowing direct deposits in crypto without Fiat conversion.

Earlier in March, cTrader Desktop 4.0 version was released, equipped with advanced chart features, along with added technical and fundamental analysis tools for the ultimate trading experience.

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