launches start-up accelerator Labs

Digital asset exchange platform has announced the launch of Labs, a start-up accelerator, to support talented entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas and the ambition to take their projects to the next level. Labs offers entrepreneurs (developers, researchers, founders) with industry support, best practices and resources to help them initiate and grow their start-ups and facilitate the development of their products and services in line with market demands.

The incubator program will also contribute seed investment to chosen projects so that the team can focus on building the technology. In addition to funding, Labs will closely follow the project’s success with periodic milestones and coaching sessions to ensure projects achieve their goals. launches start-up incubator Labs

The crypto market cap has reached $ 1 Trillion, with the leading digital currencies, BTC and ETH, accomplishing all-time-highs. The global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at 67.3% CAGR.

Marie Tatibouet, CMO at, commented:

Marie Tatibouet,

Marie Tatibouet
Source: Twitter

Understandably, there are a multitude of blockchain projects entering the space. However, just like the dot com bubble, not everyone will make it through. With the way the crypto industry has shaped up, it is very easy to get lost and distracted by the noise. We want to provide critical support and coaching to the teams to stand out in their value proposition and focus on execution. Eventually, the effort is directed to bring continuous innovation to the overall crypto community, which has the potential to transform the global financial structure.

Furthermore, the best start-ups will be listed on the IEO platform, Startup, the company declared. Cryptorank has dubbed Startup as one of the best performing IEOs in the world. It serves as a bridge connecting promising projects and early investors across the globe. Once one of those projects is oversubscribed with investors, it will be listed on However, projects incubating with Labs will have access to a convenient and express listing, expanding their exposure to early investors and exposing the project to professional and institutional traders. The program will eventually advance creating brand awareness for a project on a global scale.

These promising projects will also be connected to the GateChain Ecosystem, with premium access.

Marie concluded:

GateChain is a public chain focusing on security and decentralization. It has a unique Vault account, a clearing mechanism to solve asset-theft and loss of private key issues that have plagued the crypto world. It also provides decentralized exchange solutions and cross-chain asset transfers. We believe blockchain projects can greatly benefit from these GateChain features and fast track their growth journey with little risk involved.

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