Match-Trade Technologies launches ‘Transfer your White Label’ offer

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Match-Trade Technologies, a technology provider for Forex brokers and crypto exchanges, announced that it has launched a limited offer for new clients. The Transfer your White Label campaign is dedicated to existing brokers who are looking for effective ways to grow their business.

The Transfer your White Label campaign is part of our long-term development strategy. Over the past 10 years of activity in the Forex market, we have created a very strong product offer. Our clients’ experience shows that our solutions effectively support business development. That is why we decided to invest in prosperous brokers to help them develop and increase profits. I’m convinced it will pay off in the long term” says Michal Karczewski, COO at Match-Trade Technologies.

The campaign mechanism is very simple and does not involve any risk on the client-side. We transfer the client’s WL platform to our servers and cover all related costs”. So the client pays neither for the migration of customer accounts and platform history nor the fee for setting up a new WL. “Also, the advantage of our offer on the market is that we do not charge a B-Book turnover fee. This means that over time when the client’s business begins to grow, his revenue will not be absorbed by the increasing fees” he adds. If the broker is looking for a source of liquidity, MTT also offers a free connection to the liquidity of its partner – FX-EDGE. 

The customer can only benefit from the entire migration. Where did this idea come from? The decision to change the technology provider – even if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of services provided – is difficult and expensive. MT decides to encourage new clients to cooperate by offering them completely free migration of MT4 / MT5 WL to Match-Trade’s servers.

The whole process takes place virtually without client’s involvement. After the MTT experts conduct a business analysis, determine the terms of cooperation and the monthly fee, the customer just signs the contract. The migration is conducted by an experienced team so it runs very smoothly and has been shortened to only 7 days. The data transfer takes place over the weekend, so there is no downtime in the provision of services by the broker.

In addition to the White Label platform itself, MTT also offers many complementary solutions and supporting applications as well as consulting and business services. Every customer using the WL platform from MT can use the integrated Client Office (CRM). The application allows you to automate all processes related to customer service, making it easier to convert leads into traders. Besides, the provider offers:

  • a WL manager app that allows to leverage different customization options;
  • ultra-fast data feeds providing the low latency price streams for FX, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies;
  • a variety of ready-made plugins and extensions for your WL and many more.

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