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October 11, 2016 BY Valentina Kirilova

ThinkMarkets expands access to liquidity through VertexFX Cloud

ThinkMarkets, a global multi-asset brokerage, have collaborated with VertexFX Cloud, the trading platform developed by Hybrid Solutions, to offer wider access to ThinkMarkets’ liquidity platform. The move comes as part of ThinkMarkets’ drive to become an agnostic platform liquidity provider. The agreement allows ThinkMarkets to offer traders VertexFX Cloud, a fully functional cloud-based trading platform…

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February 24, 2015 BY Andrew Saks-McLeod

Hybrid Solutions licenses VertexFX to MarketCloud

“I am pleased to be able to license VertexFX to MarketCloud because our trading platform will be even more accessible to both regulated brokers and traders. Based on applications cloud hosting concept, MarketCloud makes it easier for brokers set-up VertexFX and as it is available on lease there is no need to pay up front or to fund expensive set up fees" - Akram Majed, CEO, Hybrid Solutions

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September 24, 2014 BY Mike Fox

Hybrid Solutions aims to widen distribution of VertexFX platform

Hybrid Solutions, founded in 2002 providing FX trading platforms announces it is supporting wider distribution of its VertexFX trading platform which is aimed at market makers, clearing houses, brokers and other dealing rooms looking for an alternative. VertexFX is one of the most transparent trading systems available. Clients can trade easily with the dealing room…

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March 03, 2014 BY Gerald Segal

UK forex broker Abshire-Smith launches latest version of Hybrid Solutions’ VertexFX platform

Abshire-Smith clients can also trade on the MT4 and Straticator DMA platforms UK regulated forex brokerage Abshire-Smith has launched the latest version of Hybrid Solutions’ VertexFX platform to their clients. According to the press release issued on the matter the brokerage itself is one of the liquidity providers for the trading platform that combined bank…

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