Hybrid Solutions’ VertexFX platform adds physical gold bullion trading

Vertex FX, the multi-asset trading terminal developed by Hybrid Solutions, has introduced an online trading solution for global bullion investing to respond to the growing demand for physical precious metals trading.

The global technology provider has added a new functionality that enables gold dealers to offer bullion to investors through Vertex FX trading platform with real-time pricing, flexible delivery conditions and round the clock trading.

The new capabilities have been included in the latest update (10.5), which offers a raft of other enhancements too. The online bullion feature is a custom made add-on that comes as standard for all brokers that offer the Vertex FX platform.

Akram Majed, CEO of Hybrid Solutions said: “We recognised the need for bullion trading; the current investment landscape has evolved significantly since 2008 and increased demand from our clients, particularly in growth markets like Hong Kong and Dubai.”

vfxGold has been one of the most volatile investment products especially post-2008 as investors sought a safe haven during the global recession and pushed the instrument to record highs. Although it has come-off demand, it is still ripe with China and India increasing consumption year on year.

Derivatives dealers, which are increasingly diversifying their product streams with physical offerings, can now make use of the new functionality, which has simple settings and configuration in the back-end of the software. Also, investors that intend to purchase bullion through the platform can set their price and delivery parameters through the terminal with one-click trading.

Mr Majed believes that investors in Europe are keen to enter bullion investing but lack the necessary tools and access to the product. Mr Majed added: “VertexFX offers users the ability to make informed investment decisions through the platform in real time thus locking the price they want to deal at.”

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