There is no Holy Grail: the journey is the reward

“Traders have long been told that trading is as easy as pie; that they will be superstar traders in a matter of weeks and soon as the course ends, they are left to fail by themselves. I saw this first hand when researching this product” – Gus Farrow, Chief Editor, FXStreet

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It’s all about education, says Tutores-FX CEO Daniel Ruiz

Tutores-FX has witnessed a rapid increase in followers from 5,000 just three years ago to 55,000 today. CEO Daniel Ruiz insists that education in Latin America is key to success in a largely untapped and burgeoning region for retail traders

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Orbex launches “Trade Responsibly” campaign

The aim of the campaign is to build the largest educational Forex trading resource on the web, where veteran traders, as well as aspiring traders, can get valuable information and education materials, free of charge.

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