TRADOLOGIC partners with MTE Media to provide educational resources to white label partners

TRADOLOGIC has partnered with MTE Media to provide educational resources to its white labels and help them acquire deep knowledge to the financial industry and substantial increase in revenue. Over the years, the educational platform has proven to ensure excellence and competitive advantage to its customers.

All new brands will receive a detailed and intelligible MTE Education for free when they launch their platforms with TRADOLOGIC. The clients will get a package that includes a variety of helpful courses and strategies, diverse eBooks and interactive videos available in all languages.

This is far not all the benefits that the free education will bring TRADOLOGIC’s white labels.

The companies will also obtain access to a multilingual economic calendar and to financial widgets, including a variety of financial calculators. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to upgrade and customize the MTE Education according to their wishes and provide the various tools to their affiliates. TRADOLOGIC’s partners will also have access to comprehensive animation films explaining the major economic rules in the industry.

Gil Erez, Chief Business Development Officer at TRADOLOGIC, commented on the innovation: “TRADOLOGIC always strives to keep its clients at the forefront of the industry. Good education is a crucial part of helping our white labels grow and succeed in this rapidly changing environment.”

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