Orbex launches “Trade Responsibly” campaign

Formally known as AFB FX — CySEC regulated broker, Orbex, is announcing the launch of its ‘Trade Responsibly’ Campaign, bringing attention to the importance of responsible Forex trading. In this campaign, Orbex launched a blog w/ library to provide traders with an abundance of educational resources and trading tips. The ‘Trade Responsibly’ campaign is aiming to raise awareness among Forex traders, and help them utilize the acquired knowledge in their daily trading activities.

The campaign is in tune with Orbex’s own slogan of “Serving Traders Responsibly’’ which the company states is indicative of Orbex’s commitment towards traders, encouraging them to trade better and more effectively. The Forex library has an extensive selections of eBooks, white papers, technical analyses, fundamentals, market commentary, tutorials and how-to’s, trading tips, infographics, educational videos and articles, glossary, TV and much more.

Orbex hopes the campaign will reach out to as many traders as possible and will encourage raising the awareness of responsible trade planning, risk management and education within the Forex market. With this campaign, Orbex hopes to have many professionals in the field join the cause and invites everyone to visit the library and make use of the free information and education materials.

Being that brokers need volume and rely on this now more than ever for their main source of revenues, there is no better way than trying to make your clientele as a whole more educated and better informed. Educating on how to trade as a professional with a risk management style which will keep client lifetime commission value higher in the intermediate and long term rather than having newbie traders wipe out their account right away is a tough task…brokers such as Orbex seem to be doing good job of providing better resources, but encouraging traders to take advantage of them is another story.

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