AvaTrade launches Hush Trade premium education site

The goal: more profitable traders and increased revenue per client

Leading Ireland-based forex broker AvaTrade, a member of LeapRate’s list of approved FX firms, has announced the launch of its new website www.hushtrade.com. The project is aiming to introduce educational content for existing and novice traders related to the various quirks of the financial markets. According to the press release issued by the company the goal behind the move is to increase the number of profitable traders that are already active on the books of the brokerage.

The education portal will feature strategies, insights and trading ideas from leading industry professionals. The new website will be presenting various types of content to keep its visitors engaged – videos, articles and weekly live webinars will keep in touch with the latest developments across various asset classes.

AvaTrade’s Director Leonard Mills said that the firm diligently looked around the industry to discover professional traders who are well respected and have a unique perspective on the markets. The firm has gotten on board two traders – a 30-year forex veteran and an internationally acclaimed commodities trader.

Forex professional Jimmy Young has 30 years of experience at major investment banks all over the globe and will be in charge of forex education. Erkut Ozer is a recognizable professional commodities trader with more than 15 years of experience and his comments are regularly featured on CNBC.

Content on the website is broadly divided in two sections. There is an open section for beginners that contains materials for novice traders and a premium one which is targeted at traders who already have opened a live account with AvaTrade. Forex brokerages seem to be aiming at encouraging traders to become more engaged with market developments in order to make them more successful, keep them trading for a longer period of time and hence increase their revenues per client.

Following is a link to the new educational website Hush Trade.

For the full press release by AvaTrade click here

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