FXStreet and University of Essex Online announce second intake of ‘Financial Trading Analysis’ course

FXStreet and University of Essex Online have announced the second intake of their joint online program aimed at providing students with an introduction into trading and investment.

The course, Financial Trading Analysis (FTA), is a short Masters level introduction to finance for those who have an active interest in trading, investment and risk management, and want to learn more about financial markets and how they operate. After a successful first intake in January, the second intake will start on May 5th. Applications are open until April 30.

The Financial Trading Analysis course is focused on how financial securities and assets are analysed, used and traded by different market participants for different applications. It develops students understanding of different asset classes (including foreign exchange, commodities, stocks, and derivatives), analytical approaches, risk management strategies and trading psychology.

Students will be able to put their learning into play on live trading simulators while benefiting from the insight of experienced industry professionals. Additionally, this 4-month course is worth 20 credits at Level 7 (Masters Level), which can be carried forward and converted should a student progress onto a University of Essex Online MBA or Masters in Business and Management course.

The first intake that started in January, with students from varied backgrounds, and their feedback was very positive.

“The first cohort in our partnership with the University of Essex has been very successful. Enrolled students included engineers, financial professionals and programmers, as well as lawyers, civil servants, and self employed businessmen who are all independent traders in their spare time,” said Gus Farrow, Course Leader. He added that “the feedback we have had has been outstanding, with many praising the way that previously complex information is broken down into bite size pieces.”


Carolina May, CEO of FXStreet, declared: “To be part of such a project is a cause of great pride for FXStreet. One of our main goals has always been to help traders to make informed decisions, develop their own strategies and in the end, become wise and educated traders.”

“Producing this academical course together with the University of Essex Online proves that FXStreet is a real educational actor in the trading field” concluded Carolina May.

“Also a huge area of favour has been that courses are taught by professionals, and not gurus,” said Gus Farrow. “We pride ourselves on letting students know firmly that there is no fast track or secret to success. Our first intake has been a brilliant group who we are excited about sharing an alumni network with.”

The teachers of the Financial Trading Course are:

  • Eddie Tofpik: Head of FX at ADM Investor Services / Foreign Exchange
  • Marc Nemenoff: Senior Broker at Price Futures Group / Commodities & Futures
  • Neil Greaves: Head Trader at Blueprint Capital / Fixed Income & Quantitative Analysis
  • Zoe Fiddes: Head of Sales at ORE / Options
  • Paul Gallacher: Independent Portfolio Manager & PhD Candidate / Equities, Portfolio Management, Performance Analysis, Market Psychology & Behavioural Finance
  • Max Hopf: Portfolio Risk Manager at Alceda Fund Management / Quantitative Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Craig Drake: Economist & Journalist / Fundamental Analysis
  • Goncalo Moreira CMT: Technical Analyst at FXStreet / Technical Analysis & System Trading
  • Valeria Bednarik: Chief Analyst at FXStreet / Intermarket Analysis & Risk Management

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