Paysafe launches ‘Accelerated Funding’ to enable fast settlements for SMBs in the US


The global payments provider Paysafe has announced the launch of Paysafe Accelerated Funding, a comprehensive suite of fast and flexible same or next day settlement options for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) based in the U.S. This new funding settlement product offering leverages the company’s collaboration with and Ingo Money, announced back in June, to help digitize merchant settlement for instant money transactions.

Small businesses remain the backbone of the US economy, accounting for 99.9 percent of businesses, and 47.5 percent of the private workforce. These include contractors, brick-and-mortar store owners, and restaurateurs, all of whom require cashflow to cover daily costs in order to maintain and grow their businesses such as supplies, raw materials, inventory and labor. According to a survey conducted by Fundbox, 79 percent of small business owners can’t pay themselves, 23 percent can’t invest in new equipment and 17 percent are unable to build up inventory due to insufficient availability of funds.

Through Paysafe Accelerated Funding, SMBs accepting payments in person will no longer have to worry about having the resources to pay for expenses. Rather, they will be able to start focusing on the growth of the business by choosing a funding option that is best-suited for the merchant and their business. The portfolio comprises of three separate funding options including Express Funding, Same-Day Funding, and Next-Day Funding. All options focus on getting merchants their funds faster, but all is dependent on their daily transactional batch time. Express Funding, in particular, is the quickest option of them all and allows merchants to receive their available funds, via a linked debit card, within just a few hours, including on weekends and holidays – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Today’s business owners rely on their sales to help pay for their expenses and keep the lights on. Unfortunately, this reliance can make it difficult when it typically takes one to two business days to receive the money generated by sales,” said Todd Linden, CEO, Payment Processing North America, Paysafe. “By leveraging the power of same-day funding technology, SMBs will be able to integrate seamless cash flow solutions into their day-to-day operations to disburse funds as required and focus on improving their everyday efficiency and profitability.

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