Yahoo’s YJFX launches new social trading platform

YJFX, the retail Forex broker owned by Yahoo Japan Corporation (TYO:4689), has announced the pending live launch of Trade Collector, a platform for social trading that will combine features of services for automated trading and traditional card games.

Anyone with a trading account with the Japanese Forex broker can make use of the new service, which divides its users into Card creators and Card players. Card creators are those who are providing information about their trades, with the info about their trading exhibited in a ranking of cards, offering some traditional gambling allure to the platform. Card players are the traders, those who follow the Card creators.inside_yjfx

Each player is allowed to select five cards and include them in “My collection” – the group of cards of signal providers one wishes to follow. Once the player has selected five cards, the automated following of these Card creators can start.

The live launch of the new service is scheduled for May 11, 2015, whereas the registration of users started on April 25, 2015.

That is an ambitious move by YJFX, targeted at retaining existing clientele and attracting new clients. Just several months ago the broker parted ways with the popular Metatrader 4 (MT4) platform after experiencing tech problems for a decent amount of time. Another of the brokerage subsidiaries of Yahoo Japan – Gulliver FX, recently announced it was about to stop offering MT4 to its clients too.

To learn more about YJFX’s Trade Collector, click here.


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Yahoo's YJFX launches new social trading platform


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