Tag: Yahoo Japan Corporation (TYO:4689)

April 18, 2016 BY Maria Nikolova

Yahoo's FX broker YJFX updates on data breach incident

A follow-up to LeapRate's earlier report about a former employee of Japanese FX broker YJFX, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation (TYO:4689), stealing loads of customer data... The broker announced today that an external professional, hired to conduct an investigation into the breach, has concluded its check, with no further leaks of information detected. YJFX…

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February 12, 2016 BY Maria Nikolova

Ex-employee of Yahoo's Forex broker YJFX steals clients' data

Retail Forex broker YJFX, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation (TYO:4689), has reported of a serious clients data breach. A former employee of the broker has stolen more than 180,000 pieces of information about YJFX clients, with the information ranging from transactions details to names of the clients and their bank account data. The analysis…

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